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Market Fit-Rearrangement (MFR) Company

We rapidly discover business opportunity, action in on global market, and take strong competitive advantage. Hereby, we create capital and trade it, accomplish business diversification by further investment. Spectrum of our clients is various; from retail and online end user to  B2B business. For global expansion with worldwide corporates, we cover the preparation for the country and its market, take action to achieve successful result through co-investment, partnership and monopolislic licensing.

Our Business Approach

   Smart People

All business start from talents who can conduct, challenge and overcome. Our people learn from hard challenges, experience and know how to make a better result.


With industrial expertises, our executives and staff members cooperate, make synergy, find the core business, fulfill the real outcomes. This is how we can be successful on global market.


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   Market Rearrangement

The market is crucial element. We discover new business opportunity observing movement of service and capital. Making trendy product of Tokyo by adding more value on trendy product of Bangkok, selling Japanese technology to Hongkong market by customizing is what we do. Thus, we reposition technology, product and potential to proper market and partners.


These Market Fit - Rearrangement is maximizing the value of goods and service and enlarge the demand to global market. A strategic investment through movement of capital is also our business dimension.

   Competitive advantage

We focus on making strong competitive advantage through Market Fit - Rearrangement with obtaining the highest level's technology, service and products. Brand loyalty from its market customer via providing high standard products and service is significant factor of competitive advantage.


Our strategy which acquire guaranteed technology and product and expend its market can avoid unnecessary competition and reduce expense of marketing and strategic advantage, so it leads to higher customer satisfaction and investment rewards.

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Our Business Area

From IT Financial business to Bio-Technology, we have enterprise portfolio combined with various business industrial which can make synergy. Our markets are overally in Asia, independent business department goes alone with its subsidiary situation, market, and business results. There is no limit at business area, everything would be decided by future value and Market Fit - Rearrangement strategy.

Fin-tech & Investment

Bithumb is one of top 3 cryptocurrency exchange leading the global cryptocurrency market. We manage Bithumb Thailand and Bithumb Japan by setting up joint venture. Also we perform various project regarding blockchain, so we expect to be globally expended brand in Thailand, the center of South East Asia, and Japan which has the biggest cryptocurrency market in the world.

Global Digital Asset OTC

It creates the relay of OTC transactions of digital assets for global investors, funds, and institutions to market conditions, price fluctuations and requirements of each buy side and sell side.

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Media and Entertainment

Focusing on Thai and Japanese market, we create media contents, distribute, train artist, and manage them. Especially we have expertise on music and media production, proceeding it with global partners.

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Media Commerce

Focusing on Japanese market, Minano.tv sell various goods through interesting video contents on online commerce in 2019.

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Sport Agent

We plan to put our passion into athlete trading and marketing business on sport industry. This business would be proceed in 2019 and details will be updates soon.

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Bio Technology

We believe that Biotechnology Technology will be the biggest growth engine in Thailand and Japan. Achieve high growth by combining market demand with the most necessary technology. The Roadmap and plan of 2019 for this project will be announced in April.


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The F&B industry in SEA market is rapidly growing year by year. The high popularity and demand for Japanese and Korean cuisine. The Roadmap and plan of 2019 for this project will be announce in February.


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