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As of January, 2019

글로벌 법인 최고 책임   l   最高事業責任者   l   Chief Executive Officer

渡辺 さち  l  Watanabe Sachi

글로벌 법인 부사장   l  グローバル法人 副社長    l   Global Executive Vice President

한지훈  l  Jihun Han

빗썸 태국법인 대표이사   l   タイ王国法人 代表取締役社長   l   Bithumb Thailand, Chief Executive Officer

ชานนท์ บูรณบรรพต  l  Chanond Buranabunpot

As a local expert with over 13 years in technology development business and involved in services with several prestige global firms, Chanond has grand ambitions for the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. His successful career starts off from getting into the Finalist for Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2004. Chanond graduated with a degree in MBA concentrating in technology management from Assumption University

글로벌 법인 운영 책임자   l    グローバル法人 事業運営責任者   l   Chief Global Operation Officer

양 제이슨  l  Jason Yang

법률/ 컴플라이언스 책임, 변호사   l   リーガル・コンプライアンス責任者・ディレクター, 弁護士   l   Director of Legal and Compliance, Lawyer

สดายุ ทรัพย์พญา   l  Sadayu Suppaya

Sadayu Suppaya is currently establishing the financial institution (i.e. digital asset exchange) in Thailand from the ground up, including strategically planning in the organization structure and implementing compliances, regulatory policy and procedures. Furthermore, He is specialized in business and commercial laws since he worked as a lawyer in well-established law firm for many years, as well as successfully completed setting up many companies with various complex corporate structure, including assisted his clients in obtaining the board of investment (BOI) promotion and several business licenses.

미디어 엔터테인먼트 부문 태국법인 책임    l   メディアエンターテイメント タイ王国法人 事業責任者   l   Chief Director of Media Entertainment Thai Region

홍진기  l  Jinki Hong

어드밴스드 브랜딩, 디자인 책임    l    高度なブランディングとデザインのリーダー   l   Lead of Advanced Branding and Design

Ryan Tangnijkul

글로벌 법인 미디어 담당, 이사    l    メディア担当役員   l   Director of Global Business Media Relation and production

吉原  ボビー  l  Bobby Naoya

사업개발 담당, 전략 개발 임원     l   上級執行役員, 事業開発担当   l   Executive Director, Global Business Development.

Ryan J. Lee

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